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    Today I want to talk about a sleep aid that has been used for many years called Melatonin. What is Melatonin?  Also known as N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine, is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in humans and animals and regulates sleep and wakefulness. Comes in pill and liquid form and you can buy it pretty much at any place with a pharmacy or drug store. It works by increasing the feeling of sleepiness and extends the duration of your sleep.  Melatonin has many uses when it comes to sleep improvement in healthy people. When you’re traveling for a…

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    How Does Exercise Affect Sleep

    Exercising as a part of your daily living is essential to great health and improves sleep quality. It is recommended that we exercise 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes each time. You can get your exercise in so…